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[Money Today] SeouLin Bioscience donated eco-friendly steril…
While prevention has become important due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus, KOSDAQ-listed SeouLin Bioscience announced on May 5 that it has donated ‘ecoTree’, an eco-friendly sterilization water generator to Hwasong City hall for safety and health of the local community.
An official of Hwaseong City Hall said, “We will support sterilization water to local residents, vulnerable groups and public facilities by donated ecoTree.
Hwang Eul-moon, CEO of SeouLin Bioscience, said, “We will do our best to ensure the safety and health of the public.
ecoTree, an eco-friendly sterilization water generator, has been increasingly expanded to various areas, including public facilities (five KORAIL stations including Yongsan Station), health centers, and port construction, government-funded research institutes, universities & business research institutes, and food manufacturing plants.

“서린바이오, 화성시에 친환경 살균소독수 제조장치 기증”. 매일경제. Last modified March 5, 2020, accessed February 15, 2021,


Seorin Bio, sterilized water manufacturing equipment selecte…
Seorin Biosciences conducted a joint research with Professor Deok-Hwan Oh of the Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, Kangwon National University on the project of'Development of an electrolytic solution and generator of non-acidic hypochlorous acid water customized to the hardness of raw water and analysis of sterilization efficacy' among the'Industry-Academia-Research Collabo R&D Project' hosted by the Small and Medium Business Venture Division. It was announced on the 22nd that it was finally selected through.

Eul-moon Hwang, CEO of Seorin Bio, said, "Through this research project, we have developed an eco-friendly sterilizing water manufacturing device that can maintain high-quality sterilization power by developing a customized electrolytic solution that exhibits uniform physical properties regardless of local characteristics. "Based on this, we will expand our expansion into overseas as well as domestically and grow into a global company of eco-friendly sterilized water manufacturers."

Meanwhile, Seorin Biosciences manufactures eco-friendly sterilized water generators based on HOCL (hypochlorous acid water), a substance that creates an immune system in the human body, and not only for R&D centers such as school hospitals, but also for public institutions such as public health centers and food industry industries. I sell it intensively.


News & Press
SeouLin Bioscience signed export contracts for Sterilization…
SeouLin Bioscience, a specialized company for Sterilization & Sanitation solution announced on April 20th that the company signed contract to export ‘Sterilization Water Generator (ecoTree SLB-120)’.
SeouLin Bioscience has expanded the market for Sterilization Water Generator including local health centers, city hall, port authority and KTX stations in Korea. Recently, it has also been used for facility management for the prevention of COVID-19 and for the purpose of supporting sterilizing water to publics.
A company official said, “We have started exporting to Germany, U.S., Canada and Thailand. Export inquiries have continued from foreign states such as Japan, Australia, France, Spain, Egypt and Indonesia.”
According to the company, in the first quarter of this year, the domestic sales of Sterilization Water Generator increased by 130% compared to the annual sales volume last year, and the sales of sterilized water surged by 3,000% compared to the total sales of last year.
An official from SeouLin Bioscience said, “We will expand our export base by expanding the product lineup of Sterilization Water Generator to tap overseas market.”

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[Maekyung] SeouLin Bioscience demonstrated “ecoTree” removes…
SeouLin Bioscience, a company providing eco-friendly sanitation & sterilization solutions, announced on July 27th that the sterilizing water generated by “ecoTree” kills COVID-19 virus about 99.95% in 30 seconds.

The sterilizing water generated by “ecoTree” is slightly acidic Hypochlorous acid(HOCl) which has a wide range of sterilizing effects on germs, viruses and algae. It is used in the food industry, agriculture, medical devices, and other areas around the world.

In addition to the COVID-19 sterilization test, ‘ecoTree’ has verified safety and sterilization power against harmful microorganism. The safety for the human body was verified through the Acute Eye Irritation Test and Acute Oral Toxicity Test. Through the test results of the Korea Testing & Research Institute, it proved the sterilization power against 12 kinds of harmful microorganisms (E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Vibrio, Bacillus cereus, Listeria, Rhizopus, Aspergillus, Saccharomyces, Serratia, Candida, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa).

“ecoTree” is being used for sanitation management at many places including five KTX stations, public health centers, port authorities, universities, enterprises and government research centers such as the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. SeouLin Bioscience also sells sterilizing water products that meets the standards of the Korea Ministry of Environment and the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Eul-Moon Hwang, CEO of SeouLin Bioscience, said, “We will contribute to management of self- immune and prevention in daily life for public safety based on the “ecoTree” COVID-19 test result.”

“서린바이오, ‘에코트리’ 코로나19 바이러스 99.95% 사멸 효과 입증”. 매일경제. last modified July 27, 2020, accessed July 28, 2020,



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