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    ecoTree SLB-120 is a non-diaphragm electrolyzer and is manufactured by electrolyzing diluted hydrochloric acid (3%) and diluting it with general tap water.

    *What is electrolysis?

    It means to cause an oxidation-reduction reaction of the electrolyte fluid by using electric energy.Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water is also generated by this electrolysis. There is a way.
  • SLB-120 basic product configuration

    [Body composition] 

    Product packing box-1set 

    SLB-120 main body-1ea

    Raw Water Regulator-1set 

    Power Cable-1ea 

    Connection Tube-5M 

    Chlorine concentration test paper-1ea 

    User Manual-1ea



    3% hydrochloric acid (4L)-1ea

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    It is a colorless liquid with an odorless or pale chlorine odor.

    In particular, slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water has a wide range of sterilizing effects from bacteria, viruses, and algae.

    It is used in various fields such as food industry, agriculture and medical devices around the world.
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    It is ‘Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water’.

    Hypochlorous Acid Water (HOCl) is a type of electrolyzed water that is obtained by electrolysis of hydrochloric acid or saline, and is an aqueous solution containing hypochlorous acid as its main component. 

    Hypochlorous acid water is classified into strong acidic hypochlorous acid water, weakly acidic hypochlorous acid water and slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water according to the acidity and effective chlorine content.

    Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water is an aqueous solution obtained after electrolysis of an aqueous solution adjusted to an appropriate concentration by adding an aqueous solution of sodium chloride to hydrochloric acid or hydrochloric acid in a non-diaphragm electrolyzer. The pH is 5.0 to 6.5 and contains 10 to 80 ppm of effective chlorine .